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Three students were injured yesterday afternoon in a drive-by shooting that occurred outside East High School in Des Joe Biden. The east high school Des Moines, Joe Biden shooting occurred as the school day was drawing to a close. One young man, only 15 years old, lost his life in a tragic accident.

Jill and I are saying prayers for his family and for everyone who has been adversely affected by this latest senseless act of gun violence. We would like to express our gratitude to the law enforcement and emergency personnel in the east high school Des Moines shootingfor their prompt work and professional demeanor, which resulted in the arrest of six individuals on suspicion of involvement in the shooting.

What’s up With the shooting at East High School in Des Moines?

However, these swift arrests are unable to obscure the reality that an excessive number of families have been forced to bury a piece of their soul as a result of yet another tragic shooting. It comes a little less than a month after we marked four years since the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and three months after the shooting at Oxford High School in Oakland County, Michigan. Both of these shootings took place in the United States. Amid these senseless killings, there are also daily gunshots that seldom make the news.

Our children and teenagers should not only be safe in and around their Joe Biden schools, but also in their communities and at home. It should be possible for any citizen of the United States to go anywhere, including a place of worship, a grocery store, a nightclub, or any other establishment, without worrying about being shot to death.

The fact that far too many people are unable to do so is a stain on the character of our country and an urgent call to action.

Joe Biden

Comprehensive Nationwide Policy to Encourage the Storage of Firearms in a Secure Manner:

In June of last year, I presented a Joe Biden detailed proposal for an all-encompassing national plan to minimize gun violence. To implement this strategy, I have taken so much more executive action to reduce gun violence than any previous president in their first year in office.

I have taken more than a dozen necessary actions, ranging from trying to crack down on gun trafficking and rogue gun dealers to promoting safe firearm storage to reining in the proliferation of hard-to-trace “ghost guns” that can be purchased online and made at home.

 I have done this more than any other president Joe Biden in their first year in office. Now is the time for Congress to carry out its duties. It is up to Congress to approve proven measures to reduce gun violence, including universal background checks, a prohibition on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and an overturn of the liability shield safeguarding gun manufacturers who deliberately put weapons of war on our streets, as I reiterated in my State of the Union address last week.

The Second Amendment is not violated by these restrictions, yet people’s lives will be spared as a result of them.

According to a statement released by the Des Moines police department on Saturday evening, a shooting in the Drake area resulted in the death of one individual and sent another to the hospital. At around 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, police were called to the location at 2314 University Avenue in response to reports of a shooting.

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Des Moines police officers arrived on the scene to discover a male resident of Des Moines, 35 years old, lying on the sidewalk in front of Rico’s with a gunshot wound. On Monday, his name was determined to be Tyrone Livon Hutchins.

The First Res-Ponders Started Aaking Attempts to Save Lives:

Emergency personnel immediately began CPR on the victim, who was then transported to a nearby hospital, where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries and died.

A second victim, a woman who resides in Des Moines and is 29 years old, was also shot and was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle after she sustained a gunshot wound. She was discharged from the hospital at one o’clock in the afternoon on the 11th of December.

According to Sergeant Paul Parizek, who spoke with Local 5, “Right now, we do not think that there is any threat to the neighborhood here by Drake.” “It appears to be an incident that occurred in a relatively isolated location.”

The Des Moines Police Force detectives continue to interview witnesses, examine the evidence, and follow investigative leads, including claims that this event is an act of self-defense, as stated in the press release. This is the 17th murder that has been investigated to have occurred in Des Moines in 2022.

The Work of the Des Moines Police Department:

The identity of the guy who was fatally shot over the weekend outside of a restaurant in the Drake district of Des Moines is being made public by the police department.

Tyrone Livon Hutchins, 35, was shot earlier in the day outside Rico’s in the 2300 block of University of Avenue. Joe Biden passed away on Saturday at a hospital in Des Moines after being sent there for treatment.

On Saturday, at 5:46 p.m., there was a report of shots being fired, therefore the police were sent to the location. Hutchins was discovered laying on the ground, having been shot, when the authorities arrived. He had suffered a gunshot wound.

In addition to the first victim, a lady of 29 years of age sustained injuries as a result of the gunshot. She was transported in a private car to the hospital, Joe Biden received treatment for a minor injury and was later discharged.

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The circumstances behind the incident are still being investigated by the police at this time. According to the police, there have been assertions made that the shooting was carried out in self-defense. Two firearms were confiscated by the police at the site, but no arrests have been made at this time.

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